Tuesday, September 20, 2011

brandsExclusive - Ihana Make-Up Brush Sets

Note to self: I need to burn my credit card. Shred it, freeze it, bury it.. I need to do whatever it takes to stop me spending any more money this month!

brandsExclusive is having a sale on Ihana make-up brush sets until Thursday 22 September 2011 @ 3:00am Perth time (5:00am AEST). Now I need would-very-much-like a proper set of make-up brushes; I should have purchased a good set when I was at Sephora in LA last month but I umm-ed and ahh-ed about it at the time and only ended up picking a crappy little generic 5-piece brush travel set which wasn't of very high quality as it turned out.

So I've bitten the bullet and purchased the Ihana Professional 24-piece Brush Set in Black Silver (AUD$99.99 on brandsExclusive - retails for AUD$299.00 on the Ihana website) which comes in a faux leather case and is made with goat and pony hair (synthetic where required). There is also a cheaper 17-piece vegan brush set (AUD$72.99 - retails for AUD$179.00 on the Ihana website) if you prefer. I felt the pricing was very reasonable, considering how much some high-end make-up brands charge for their individual brushes.

I currently only own one "expensive" brush - the Hourglass No. 2 Blush Brush from Mecca - which I use for liquid foundation or powder application and it is absolutely amazing. The brush is so soft and gives such an even foundation coverage on my face with no streaks or smudges. It did cost AUD$88.00 though, so I am definitely on the look-out for something a little bit more affordable for my next purchase.

I admit I don't know very much about Ihana (I Google-d reviews on their brushes but only managed to find one) - I believe they are an Australian brand, targeted towards professional MUAs and from what I can gather, their brushes are of a high quality. I am hoping this will be a good long-term investment for me. I will definitely do a review on the brushes when I receive my package!

What are your favourite brushes?


  1. Hello I'm thinking of purchasing the Ihana Professional 24-piece Brush Set as well and was wondering what your thoughts were on the brushes?

  2. They're awesome. Just came across this while googling for their site because l am in the UK and got a travel set as a gift. Not sure if their site is .com or .au so ended up here. I want a larger set and wouldn't waste my money on another brand now. V happy.